Saturday, June 27, 2009

One week

It's been one week since I started on the Reliv Now and the Reliv Innergize. I haven't taken the Innergize daily as I sometimes forget in the morning & am afraid it might keep me up. So far I've not noticed much difference. I did get a sick stomach this week, but that was due to some sausage that just didn't settle well in my stomach. I'm still taking the Mannatech shakes every other day or so in hopes of dropping some pounds.

We'll see what next week holds!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The first meeting

I attended my first meeting last night. First thoughts were, "This is a tiny room," and "There are a lot of old ladies here." My experience in meetings in hotel rooms are based on Pampered Chef. We had a good size meeting room and we were all different ages from college to retirement and everything in between.

I met several people who were all very nice and friendly. This meeting is one they typically do on Tuesday nights. It's an introductory meeting where you learn what Reliv products are & what they can do, plus what the company can do for you financially. Since I've been in the direct sales world for over 8 years and have looked at the financial structure of several companies, it is interesting for me to hear the compensation plan of different companies. Several people stood up and shared stories of what these products have done for them. The main speaker was a guest, a 64 year old woman who was in bed and very ill in her 40's. Once she got started on Reliv, she has been healthier than ever & has even battled cancer without any chemo, and the tumor is gone. Other stories told how health problems had disappeared after using these products. Then some told how much money they've earned at different times. I still don't fully comprehend the compensation plan, but I listened just the same.

After the presentation, I met some more people who told me how this has changed their lives and so forth. Now, these people are total strangers to me. I have no reason to not trust them, but let's be real here. I don't know these people, so I don't know what shape they were in or what else might have been going on. I DO know my friend Jennifer and her teenage son. I DO trust what she says and the products have helped her. Even so, I was impressed, especially when the speaker called a lady in another state who told us she had Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia. That got my attention. Her husband had to quit his job as a pastor to make enough money to care for his wife who was sick all the time. Now she is well and they minister to people through this business.

I suppose someone who is a gung-ho, let's jump in & go for the gusto person might hear these stories and run out to tell all their friends. I'm a bit slow and cautious. You can start at different levels in the business by how much you buy at first. I started at the lowest level with the smallest purchase. A friend of mine has shared that a friend of hers jumped in with both feet and the products didn't help her at all. Her words to me were, "Be cautious." It made me smile because she & I are both that way!

Today I used the RelivNOW and also some Innergize. The NOW is one of the main products and it has the basic nutrition in it. In fact, NOW and/or Classic (both main nutritional products) seem to be what the company sends to 3rd world countries around the world through it's giving program, the Kalogris Foundation. I did see pictures of kids around the world holding cans of this stuff. Even when they don't get enough nourishment from the food they eat, this helps them.

Back to my trial period. The Innergize is a Vitamin C/electrolyte supplement that is supposed to go along with the main product. The first thing I saw on the package was that it prevented dehydration. I immediately thought of Phil riding his bike in this insane heat. Or is that insane Phil riding his bike in this heat. I gave him half-serving of the stuff in some tea. When he got home he said he could tell a difference with just that one serving. He said by the time he reaches a certain town he is "hurting." This time he said he didn't even feel like he needed a drink, but he got one anyway. I kept asking him, "Really?" because I just don't know how something can work that well. He's as big a skeptic as I am, so I really expected him to say, "It doesn't do anything."

I can't tell any difference yet, but it's only day 1 & it could take a couple of months. I will give it up to 3 or 4 months. If there is NO improvement in my health, then I will try a different road.

In the meantime, I still have some weight loss shake mix from Mannatech, so I've been drinking that this week (just twice). I will say I feel like I've been getting a full serving of fiber and then some. Ahem.

If I am going to be honest about this health stuff, I must say that I'd been really good about not getting sweets at the store (though I have not given up my Coke yet). Yesterday & today I blew it & have eaten candy. My scale says my weight has not budged. I thought with all the blood, sweat & tears (okay, just sweat) shed during our move and having stairs now I'd have lost SOMETHING. The scale at the dr's office says I've lost weight. I'm going with that.

Good night!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beginning a new health journey

For as long as I can remember, I have had a habit of getting sick. Not deathly, in the hospital, draw up the will kind of sick, but naggingly sick. 99% of the time it starts with allergies. I remember taking "Novahistine" as a child. It was a green minty kind of medicine. In retrospect, it probably had some alcohol in it as I remember a warm tummy feeling when I took it. Any time my brothers or I got a sore throat, we were taken to the doctor's office. My grandfather (my mom's dad) died of rheumatic fever that started as a strep infection. He was sick a lot, too, I've heard, when he was younger. I've been diagnosed with "severe allergies". I did have quite a few, but the severity was due to HOW allergic I was, not how many allergies I had. I've been on shots. I've been on meds. I've tried echinacea and zinc and goldenseal and Mannatech and Melaleuca and Usana and more. I've been sure to drink orange juice (with a prilosec, thanks to a little acid in my tummy, in case you wondered). I found out I have autoimmune diseases: Celiac (gluten intolerance), asthma, and fibromyalgia. My immune system was overactive (maybe still is) but it attacks itself, leaving me run down. Okay, I admit, I also stay up too late at night, but home schooling moms long for just a few moments alone! I was underweight for many years, about right for about 3 or 4 years, and overweight for the past 4 years. Oh, yeah, let's not forget that my I have bursitis in my knees and I am now diagnosed as "perimenopausal" which I think means, "leave me alone for 2 weeks out of the month and no one gets hurt." Most my friends are right there with me, so we have an unspoken understanding about this one.

Reading all this (you DID read it all, didn't you?), can you sum it up in the word, "Unhealthy?" I can. I need to lose weight (for my health's sake, not out of vanity; life is too short for me to worry about that!). I need to feel better. I need more energy. The Lord has not called us to worry at all, nor has He called us to try to look like a supermodel (in fact, in Proverbs, He clearly tells us that beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised). He HAS told us to care for this body we are in, which is our "temple". If we know the Lord, His Holy Spirit lives in this body of mine. I wonder how he fits in there between the fat and bones. He hasn't called us to make our body a god, something we obsess over and/or worship. Okay, okay, enough preaching. I'll stop now on that.

Several months ago a friend told me she knew someone who had chronic respiratory problems and was about to have surgery when he tried a product by a company called Reliv. She told me she used to have chronic health issues until she got on the products by this company. Finally, I decided to give it a whirl. I am officially a Reliv distributor. I got my first order today and have taken a 1/2 daily serving of the main product. I wanted to try this to feel better, of course, but also because their products are all mixes you can put into drinks. I hate swallowing pills. I think I was still asking for prescriptions in liquid form until I was 15 years old! I can swallow pills now, but most nutritional supplement/vitamin pills are HUGE. I gag on them. I avoid taking them. This is a powder I can put into orange juice. I just made myself a milk, o.j., fruit smoothie and drank the NOW product I received. I couldn't really taste the product at all. I tried it with just milk to see if it tasted like a milkshake, but it really had no flavor, so I opted for the fruit.

I will attend a meeting tonight and find out more about this product and business. I have already told people if it works for me they MUST try it! The doctor has ordered me to lose weight, so I will see how I do with just the basic products (NOW and Innergize) then I may add their weightloss products.

Will you join me as I begin this journey and see where it leads me? I'll try to keep posting with how I feel taking the products.

Until I drink it up again.