Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One week later....

They must use these words a lot on kids' shows because my girls seem to enjoy saying, "One week later...." or "Two hours later...." I know it's actually a week & a day later. I felt worse as last week progressed, but finally started feeling a touch better this week. Yesterday I was totally exhausted. Today we were on the go from 7:30 til 4:15. Tomorrow should be a "Don't wake me up early unless the house is on fire" kind of day. I DID manage to do schoolwork with the girls yesterday & today made them do math when we got home. They got a brief history/language lesson at our friends' house. Ask them what "That's a feather in your cap" means. I'm trying to not go to the doctor & see if my body can fight this off on its own with the help of Reliv & rest.

2 other things I added to my diet: Flax seed and Melaleuca's Fiberwise. I would get the Fibrestore from Reliv, but it has barley in it, which has gluten. M's version has oats, which are "questionable" on the gluten free diet, but I decided to go ahead & get it. I knew flax seed had some great qualities, but had never used it. Not that I hadn't bought it, I just never used it! Bad, I know. One of my online friends, Karen, told me about mixing ground flaxseed with yogurt or sprinkling it on other foods. She gave me a link with recipes, but I need to go back & find it. Today my friend Kathy gave me a bag of gluten free crackers that also have flax seed in them. She gave me a toilet seat, too, which could be tied into taking fiber & flax seed! LOL! Okay, our toilet seat broke & she had a spare she didn't need, but I thought it was funny to put it in this post. I'm pretty sure I have an audience of 1---and only when I read my own blog!

Off to eat some tater tot casserole & hoping my stone didn't break. I had frozen it & thawed it in the microwave, but some felt very cold still when I put it in the oven. I'm sure tater tot casserole is in the top ten most healthy foods. ha, ha!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow, that was a long break!

If I have anyone reading this blog still, hello! If not, I will just ramble on to myself as a sort of diary. I can't even remember what I posted last time. I think I mentioned that my iron was too high. I need to do a hemocult test (which sounds absolutely yucky) to be sure nothing bad is going on. To do that I have to be off NSAIDS for a week before starting the test. These are meds like aspirin, iburpofen, naproxen & such. I can take Tylenol. The directions say, "Do not eat fresh fruits and vegetables during the test period, especially radishes, beets, and watermelon." First, I think if it says not to eat them it is silly to say especially those...LOL! Second, having had colonoscopies, I know part of the prep for that is no red food for a certain period of time before the test. The tylenol we had is red coated, so I just got some in plain white today. (I told you I was going to ramble, so don't roll your eyes at all these details! ha, ha!)

I've not been using my Reliv faithfully this past week. Partly because another rule is you can only have a certain amount of vitamin C for this test AND I noticed the Reliv is high in iron, so I think that may be causing the test results. Anyway, I was super tired yesterday & today woke up feeling cruddy. It could be from headaches with new glasses (more on that in a moment) and lack of sleep from a swollen arm over the weekend (no clue how I got that). Anyway, I need to take the Reliv, but suppose I should refrain from taking a full dose til this test is over.

I have finally progressed to needing progressive lenses. That means I am old enough to need reading glasses. However, my distance vision is so poor that I need bifocals. The guy at the eye doctor's office kept correcting me when I said bifocals, "These are PROGRESSIVES." Oh, okay. I'm getting used to them, or trying to get used to them. The day I had them made I had to wear some really old "Steve Erkle" style glasses (as my charming 10 year old calls them). I didn't get new frames, so had to drop those off at the office. I wondered if anyone thought I was some crazy lady with these HUGE glasses on! Boy, were we stylish in the 80's & 90's with those! LOL! I think these are not sitting on my face correctly, so probably need some adjusting. THey also feel heavier. I've had to figure out how to move my head and tend to need to move the glasses, making them sit further down my nose. That gives me headaches. I can think of worse fates and am VERY thankful for having glasses. I saw enough people in need in our one year in Africa that I should never be ungrateful. Sadly, I fall right back into the American trap of things not being convenient enough for us. That's a different post for a different day!

I have lost no weight. None. Nada. I haven't tried very hard. I need to exercise again.

I'll try to ramble some more when I have something new to share!