Monday, July 20, 2009

The Numbers

I had my follow up check up since talking to the Health Coach the first time in April. The only number I didn't like was my weight. I have only dropped one pound (and the doctor & I think the scale at the other side of the clinic is off b/c it said I had dropped several pounds & now would have gained those back). That stinks. The GOOD news was my cholesterol levels are GOOD! My LDL is 73. It was 90 back in April. Less than 100 is optimal, but the health coach wanted to see mine even lower b/c of asthma. The doctor didn't seem to agree with that when I told her that today. My HDL (good cholesterol) went UP 10 points, which is good. You WANT HIGHER HDL. 60 or above is optimal for women. Mine was at 59 before and now is at 69. I told her (fully expecting to find out the numbers had not changed) that prior to the blood draw I had only been watching my fat/cholesterol intake without added exercise. I did mention that we moved into a house with stairs so I was getting more exercise just due to that. Now that I've actually added exercise, I wonder what my #'s will show.

I'm keeping up with the "slimfast" type drinks and also added a fiber supplement for weight loss. I cannot eat so many of the recommended fiber foods because the grains contain gluten. This supplement has no gluten and uses inulin from vegetables as the main fiber. I'm still making smoothies of some sort with the Reliv products.

I mentioned the Reliv products to the doctor and told her I wondered if anything in that caused my cholesterol numbers to change. I forgot to take the cannister in so she could see the ingredients.

I don't go back again until December & will have a physical at that point. I wonder if they do brain scans. I was hoping she could tell me why mine seems to be missing sometimes. LOL!

I let the girls build a fort in the living room yesterday. It has to come down tomorrow. Until then I have no space for my walking DVD. My computer doesn't have a dvd player in it or I'd set it up here to do. Might even make Phil do this walking workout, too!

Stay well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "E" word

There are two types of people in this world: Those who think working out is the greatest thing EVER and those who really don't like to be around the first set of people. ha, ha! I went in for my 3 mos. blood draw this past Monday. I don't know the results, but I will on Monday. I know I have not done what I was told to do. At least I HAD not until this week.

This week I found a walking video. That's not a video that walks. It's a video with walking that you can do at home in a small space. I didn't even have that small space in my old house. In the new house, I didn't have it because of boxes, but I took care of that this week and put on that video. I ex.... exer..... exerc..... oh, it's a bad word & I'm not allowed to say bad words, but that thing where you have to actually move around & walking from the fridge to the TV doesn't count. Or to the computer desk in my case (hey, it's upstairs! that should count for something!).

This video came with a belt you put around your waist (okay, where else would you put a belt?). You make it tight (it velcros on). It has resistance bands that hook onto the back of the belt & you use those in your hands from time to time. The first day I actually made it to the 1 mile mark, but I am sure I didn't walk a mile's worth b/c I slowed down towards the end. The second day I was sore. I didn't know my tummy could be so sore from walking! It's that belt that makes the abs work harder. I also was sore in muscles I didn't know existed. Today was day 3 and I did "Mile 2" but at a slower pace much of the time. Those muscles were still not happy with me.

I also decided to try the "D" word. The one where you don't eat as much. I know it's not a life change like using Weight Watchers, but I bought some store brand "Slim Fast" type drinks. They were GF and on sale. I couldn't go wrong with that. I did really well the first day & drank lots of water. Yesterday I did well til night. I had a small bowl of ice cream. Today, well, I had a coke and a candy bar, and later another sweet. BUT, I drank slimfast for breakfast, had a salad for lunch, and had the drink for supper.

The scale hasn't budged one bit. I think someone comes in at night and adjusts it. That has to be it. Hopefully at the doctor's office the scale will be nicer.

I'm still doing the Reliv, so we'll see how it goes!

Until next time, happy exe....and di....., well, you know.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost one month on Reliv

I've been on Reliv Now and Innergize for nearly a month. So far, I cannot tell a difference. I will say, though, that I have really enjoyed drinking a "shake" every day because I make a smoothie at least once a day with juice, yogurt and fresh fruit. I feel like I must be getting my fruit amount in for the day! I have gained rather than lost weight. I go to the doctor's office tomorrow for a blood draw (routine for me every 3 months) then to see the doctor the following Monday. Maybe between now & then I can shed a couple of pounds. I have been trying to eat lower fat/lower cholesterol foods to help lower my LDL cholesterol level. I have NOT been exercising regularly as the doctor wanted me to do. I HAVE been climbing up & down stairs which seems to me I should have at least stabilized in weight & not gained any. Sigh.

I may add one more Reliv product (Fibrestore) when I have the money to do that. I'd like to try their diet shakes, but I know I can't get that AND the Fibrestore along with needing a new can of the basic stuff. I also am going to switch to the Reliv Classic & see how that goes. Still holding out hope this will work!